re:   Schumer-Rubio-Obama Amnesty, S.744   Must Die on the vine.

I'm afraid that the "FIX" was in. It was a "done deal." 
Signed in the Senate with 14 BACK STABBING Republicans going along with it.
There was no stopping it.

Sadly, this may also mean that there is something
then just some additional (new) bad Republicans. We knew about, and fully expected
the "fallen hero" McCain and his little slobbering buddy, Lindsey "The Goober" Graham,
both Progressives, to FORCE us to make preparations to
Recall Marco Rubio:

In any event, successfully recalled or not, there will be absolutely NO conservative support for any race in the future. And we mean ZERO, as in NONE. And I can assure you there WILL be a Primary challenge from a REAL,TRUE, WELL KNOWN conservative until he is defeated. It is one thing to simply make a mistake, but to change gears blatantly and then LIE to us about the contents of the
bill as if it said things it DOES NOT SAY!  Where you told it would, and foundout it didn't?

Unless, and until Senator Rubio does an ABOUT FACE, this web site is ready for the thousand (or more) of us that helped Sen. Rubio get elected by walking Door-to-Door for him in our neighborhoods. It is here JUST-IN-CASE we and the rest of the CITIZENS of Florida (and the U.S.) get stabbed in the back which is what will happen if Sen. Rubio does not wake up 
from his sudden, intense "love affair" with Senator Chucky "The Commie" Schumer who is conning him into: 

Intentionally Destroying America!

Yes, Destroying American is what happens when you do the following:
1. "Grant Amnesty" to 15 million people that have broken into your country,
2. Immediately give them Welfare, if they don't already have it,
3. Let them bring in another 2 to 4 immediate family members (60 Million "NEW" citizens...),
4. Give them hiring preference over current US Citizens (Oh yes - this is in the bill! Can you imagine?)
5. Leave the Border Open like it has been since CORKER-HOVEN AMENDMENT is an outright LIE!
6. Pay Democrat Community Organizers to "Teach" the new immigrants how to live off the government,
7. Pay same Community Organizers to "Teach" new immigrants how to vote (and who to vote for!),
8. This is JUST THE BEGINNING....  there is so much more in this 1500 page NIGHTMARE. 

PEOPLE, this is nothing short of an invasion that will give us a ONE PARTY SYSTEM, and it will all be run from Chicago which means (without any doubt) it will be The Muslim-Brotherhood-Marxist party.  

People (and Senator Rubio), you really need to read up on Chicago and Illinois politics in general. Many BOOKS have been written on the CRIME WAVE that is Chicago Politics in general. Coercion, the politics of personal destruction as described by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals... right now our border is controlled by the Mexican Drug Cartels with the blessings of the Democrat Party, DHS and the President.   And not, once, but several times, Mexican jails have been EMPTIED on our border, and this time, it will be dozens or hundred of jails.

Senator Rubio,
    I don't know what kind of lies they are feeding you (Shumer and Durban...  long history as professional liars),  or maybe its worse than we suspect or know.  Far worse, and this is why you are going along with it.   Is this also why John Roberts STABBED the citizens of the United States in the back?  McCain (once a hero, but now a thug), and Lindsey "Goober" Graham (nothing more than a Progressive Con Artist) are two that we can understand, you YOU, and Sen Flake of AZ? 

Either you were never what you said you were, or you are being blackmailed, or they have shown you something so awful and so terrible about who is really controlling this nation, that you are just giving in because there is no hope.  Either way, it's a pretty sad situation.

Today's moment of truth:
"Marxist teachers obviously can't teach critical thinking skills since they would immediately figure out how utterly worthless they were and they would quit. If the students didn't violently force them to leave the school, that is..." takes a real Moron to choose Marxism over Freedom.
We are so depressed and literally bummedout about your defection, that we use humor to hide the depression and anger:

Sen. Rubio's new attraction to Chucky the Socialist may be his new Hair Plugs
, or that Chuky's face seems to be regressing in age (e.g., he is obviously going for the Pelosi-stretched-drum-head look!) or the fact that the less-than-impressive
(Afraid to do the right thing) SPEAKER of the HOUSE, Boehner, Boner, Bainer, Beaker brain (whatever that WIMPS name is) showed Chucky where he keeps the  government owned, Tax-exempt Tanning Bed in an unused storeroom in the basement of the house office building!  THAT'S IT.  RIGHT?   WELL, whatever the reason, we can assure you that this site and every dollar we can throw at it will be used to see if we can get him RECALLED for LYING TO OUR FACES and DESTROYING THE HOPES of the 20 MILLION STILL CURRENTLY UNEMPLOYED CITIZENS of our nation, and this doesn't even touch on the 10 million HONEST immigrants waiting in-line to enter the United States (who most of us would MUCH RATHER have here among us since they did NOT break OUR LAWS TO GET into our country!).
Sen. Rubio, this is shameful.  You really should hang your head in shame, Sir.   Frankly, we don't see how you face a mirror each day (unless....  unless this is some kind of  Quarterback Sneak where you CRUSH the bill in one fell swoop after pretending to like it, making Chucky and Dicky cry in their beers in front of all of their Socialist-weenie friends (wherever Commies hang out up there) - if so, you'll be our RIDE-ON-THE-SHOULDERS-after-the-game-HERO, once again).

But, instead you passed it...
SENATOR, you know darned well the Obama regime is NOT obeying ANY of our current immigration laws.  In fact, the Obama appointed criminals Napolitano, Holder and the head Marxist himself, Lord Obama have literally given orders to the officers of the Border Patrol, ICE  (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and other law enforcement agencies under their command to NOT ENFORCE our Immigration Laws (for which the Border Patrol and ICE Unions are suing said government persons and agencies - Oh YES!):

So Senator, PLEASE remind us all BEFORE you PUSH for hosue passage why you voted for this miscarriage of Immigration justice, why it is you think they will suddenly begin to enforce a
whole new set of complex laws that you create when they are literally IGNORING CURRENT LAWS and POKING us all in the eyes, and laughing while they do it.

This in itself is cause for impeachment of the President since he KNOWS of the orders to STAND DOWN our Border Patrol and ICE agents which means the Three Stooges (Moe-bama, Larry-H. and Curly-Janet)  are WILLFULLY disobeying our laws and could easily get a bunch of us killed letting criminals, Jihadis, and other whack-jobs in as their orders leave the border all but UNGUARDED.

I can already tell you (no matter what Chucky Schumer promised you) they WILL NOT enforce anything they are not already enforcing right now.  In fact, we may never believe ANY OF YOU again until we see that 750 miles of double fence with the road in the middle that we were promised 7 years ago before Pelosi's House-of-Lying-Criminals de-funded it to increase illegal Democrat voters. And it DID, too.
Senator Rubio, Schumer is using you like a cheap, leaky, Chinese condom. And when these Senate CRIMINALS are done with you, you'll feel like one, too.  FRESHLY USED and plenty dirty, and they will simply toss your used-up, former-self into a nearby Senate office building toilet. 
 Snake Oil Marco? Look closer: BlendedAhhh, there he is, CHUCKY:

It is a sad and very scary time for this nation,
and for you, Senator Rubio

We must pray for the Senator.    He needs it.
Pray some more...  It obviously isn't working!
(else this site would be gone by now - Just pray.... - it can't hurt).

Many of us walked door-to-door to get him elected. And, I can tell you that THIS nasty, NOW OVER 1300 Page Monster AMNESTY IMMIGRATION BILL is a slap in the face to ALL of us, and to FREEDOM itself.   We were under the impression that the RULE OF LAW still had meaning to Sen. Rubio. But, no, I guess not since King Durbin and King Schumer are in control. We knew that Sen. Flake had already caved in to Ali Allah Obama's minions, but we thought Sen. Rubio was much stronger than this.  It looks like we "thought wrong."
Can any of us even imagine what will be left of this nation and our FREEDOMS with a 30 year, UNBEATABLE Chicago controlled, Crime-based Marxist voting block in place?
Holy CARP Batman, this whole bill smells FISHY to ANYONE THAT READS IT!  If this bill passes the house (or anything like it), the new 12 to 14 million "Almost Citizen-Workers" will bring in another 25 to 30 million relatives, almost overnight, and by new rules unlawfully created by Obama's Czars -  so they will all get Driver's Licenses' and be able to vote in under 2 or 3 years.  AND, with the BORDER still wide open long after this bill is made law, the New CORP of Community Organizers will be PAID by you and me to grab every piece of scum they pour of out Mexican Prisons and push across the border with a gun and some Crack to become a new UPPER class Citizen of the United States...  This is noting less than an invasion, people.

  Geeez... you don't think this is planned to sway elections (for decades), do you?

Yes, this will happen in a very few short years. We have already seen that Obama's Czars and bureaucrats have no problem making up Rules and Regs on-the-fly to change laws in order to do whatever they want, and the Speaker of the House is either too IGNORANT to know he has the power to stop them, or he too, is one of them.  A Statist, Marxist, Commie, Progressive - whatever your synonym is for Turd.
It will not take long at all and it will all be just like Venezuela, only MUCH more violent! 
Here is what will happen in the US as soon as 3 or 4 years after this bill is law:

  • Many of the intelligent, educated hard workers will want to leave the U.S.
  • Wealthy Investors have moved cash out of reach of the government already
  • Many of the very richest have moved to places like Singapore (facebook founder? Yes.)
  • Many businesses have moved where it is cheaper to operate (lower taxes - less welfare)
  • VIOLENCE and CRIME sprees will begin (inner city Mobs already rob stores, regularly).
  • Food and necessities will double or triple in price AGAIN (food had doubled since 2009)
  • GAS will get up to $7 or $8/gallon - or more - your PAY will NOT go up to match.

The reason for all this is that when you add 25 to 40 million more POOR immigrants, you can't stop the Welfare you promised without MASSIVE RIOTS!  Obama's welfare is VOTE-BUYING at its WORST!   Obama is even advertising in Spanish in Mexico, RIGHT NOW!  "Come get FREE Welfare" and amnesty is implied because that is all you hear on the news

I'm sure you all realize that Obama's RULES Czar (the new UN Ambassador's Hubby) has UNLAWFULLY rewritten Rules and Regulations that do NOT follow any existing laws to allow the following:

  • Allow the OBAMA PHONE to be given to millions of welfare recipients under the guise of Emergency Communications with 250 Minutes/month plus 250 minutes/month for text!
  • Turned Clinton's Workfare into do-nothing Welfare. You used to have to be actively looking for a job to receive benefits, but not any more.  Thanks Pres. OLazy
  • Changed to rules to allow CASH to be given with FOOD STAMP cards which is most often used to buy drugs (well, DUH!). It must be Obuyo's new CRACK-THE-VOTE Program. 
Yes, THEY MUST keep printing money to pay for all of the good to buy the votes they promised. This will continue to cause inflation that will become MASSIVE inflation.  Why. I'm sorry that most people can't understand simple economics, but basically, it is "far too many dollars chasing far too few good." The goods will become more scarce as more businesses leave the US, or are simply put out of business with these VERY BUSINESS UNFRIENDLY conditions the Socialists have put in place.  And countries will NOT want to trade with us since the value of the Dollar will be dropping like a rock.
Remember Venezuela. That Marxist TURD shut that place down INSTANTLY, like a prison. Executive Orders have been put in place since last year to literally hand Obama total and complete Power based on his OWN declaration of an Emergency.   It will happen FAST folks.  

Venezuelan people and business fled to fairer, freer places - places like the USA, which will NOT be free or fair for very much longer if we leave the Chicago Crime syndicate and the Anti-American Center for American No-Progress (A Marxist Organization) in charge of our government.
Yes, that is who is on the other end of Obama's Blackberry (after Valerie Jarret gives him HER marching orders).

Study your history - OK?
   All of this has happened before, folks. And bringing in 25 to 40 million uneducated, poor immigrants while we ALREADY have 20 million unemployed is a DISASTER and will cause Riots the likes of which you like you have never seen, and will NOT want to see ever again (if you live through them, that is).

Too bad they no longer teach real history in our schools. Marxists never teach the BAD SIDE of Marxism and it outweighs whatever good they claim is there.  I have never seen any, myself.
It is so sad to hear someone like Tom Brokaw make such foolish comments showing us that he doesn't have the slightest idea about who is REALLY running our government.   

The Scandals that are now being discovered are
bad, but the ones that have not yet surfaced, but soon will, are going to cause serious trouble - maybe even violence - much of it right in their own party, but it will be all across the spectrum, too.

Senator Rubio, you may cause many of us to do exactly what your parents did:

A country that was once the Greatest, Freest, Country on Earth, is now deteriorating rapidly and is on the road to becoming a DANGEROUS, Nuclear-Armed, Marxist Police State and Super-Banana Republic.
Only when you see your Medical Care grossly deteriorate almost overnight (which will more than likely cause the PREMATURE death of one of your loved one's) will you fully understand how screwed we all truly are. Some of us can leave or retire. Many of those will be Doctors getting away from Marxist idiots.
Most of you do not know who these people from Chicago really are. Sadly, Communist-affiliated, Teacher's unions have been running MANY of our schools in the larger cities and have been dumbing down our children for almost 30 years. Seven MORE sadly, Marxist drivel was the only thing they really knew and could teach, and we really underestimated how effective they have been.
Many schools don't even teach our real history any more, and many students have been taught that Marxism and Socialism are superior forms of government to FREEDOM and FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.  Not CRONY Capitalism like Daddy Bush and little George Bush, or the Clinton Gang practiced, but REAL Free Market Capitalism without a government pushing you to do their POORLY chosen bidding. We last had a taste with Ronald Reagan in office. "Morning in America" Ah... - Many of us remember how nice it was to have a government told NOT to interfere with businesses except to truly enforce laws, and to eliminate worthless rules not based in TRUE science, and then to be friendly while doing it.  It sure was nice. The difference leaves a VERY BITTER taste in one's mouth. These ideologues are nothing but international criminals, who have elitist attitudes, but do not not have even the lowest levels of knowledge needed to run businesses, governments, industry, or any other facility to make your living decent. You will see this soon enough. Look to Cuba to see YOUR future Right Now!
In Cuba, the Obama-types have been in power since 1959 and they are still fighting third world diseases like Cholera.  They use something just like Obama-Care in Cuba right now.  Watch the movie titled Sicko by that Communist Idiot you lefty's love. Moore is his name. He surely EATS more. We can plainly see that.  According to him, they have medicine as good as ours was (not is, was).  If that is true, why in God's name have so many suffered and died from so many easily curable third world diseases like Cholera (in 2013, no less).  Huh Moore?  Huh?  You disgusting Communist PIG.
Sadly, we can also pretty much guarantee that the United States will become a joke and deteriorate into what Mexico is right now (e.g., controlled by thugs and drug cartels) or worse, be taken over by Russia or China since they will maintain their power and  the US will not be able to withstand the amount of crime that will occur here. These Chicago, criminal Marxists are not as experienced as the Chinese and Russians.
Senator Rubio...  Have you NOT noticed that Obama and his "appointees" have built the single largest WELFARE STATE in the world, right in front of you?  And, have you no idea how his NEW 20 to 30 MILLION Socialist-Trained,  Welfare-Enticed voters will cast their votes? If you did, you would NOT be in the Cabal of 8 Senate Morons.
Let me try to get through to you again Senator - just one more time.
THINK, Senator Rubio, Think!  Obama directed his CZAR of RULE MAKING (Communist Cass Sunstein) to BREAK OUR LAWS and REWRITE rules to allow ILLEGALS to get all of the benefits our NEW Welfare State has to offer.  OPEN YOUR EYES! Under these new illegal-broken-rules, they all NOW quality for Food stamps, Sect. 8 Housing, Medical care, Obama Phones and 20 other new programs we've never even heard of...  THINK MAN! THINK!   How will they vote? HUH?

PLEASE Senator, get the Washington D.C. sewage out of your MIND, if you still can!  Please show us the good old old testicular fortitude you got from your Dad (and your Mom... no offense intended, ma'am) that you displayed routinely when herding the cats of the Florida legislature to keep them aimed at reducing costs and taxes! 




(folks... there's no answer.  He may be lost in space, forever.)

FIGHT THAT BILL  (even NOW that you voted for it)!


(My God, MAN!  Do it before you become permanently diseased!)
Than, slap Senator SCHUMER silly, then not only tell him NO, but HELL NO!

Paid for by:  persons named:
  Richard Burgess, Donald Zuber, Mr. Racoco, Audrey Haber and Betty-Jo Bialoski (also known as "Nancy").
and dedicated to all those who also walked Door To Door for Sen. Rubio,
but now feel horribly sickened by his current actions...
  it could be some kind of disease, ya know!
Schumeritis, Durbinosis, Obamagangus...  all of them pretty much fatal.

Children: Please DO NOT TRY AT HOME WHAT Sen. RUBIO is doing, OK? 
It is bad for everyone involved, and may make your parents very sick,
AND Besides, they may get some Schumer or Durbin on them (it can stain very badly and it SMELLS HORRIBLE!).
Bleach gets it out - or VERY BRIGHT LIGHTS. Just watch the Roaches run....